Old Red Eyes … Ain’t Back

We’ve been hoping against hope against this day, but it’s finally come. The Beautiful South announced on their MySparce page they are disbanding, and have done the rounds of the UK press confirming the bad news.

Whether “musical similarities” or disappointment at their slowly diminishing sales, the lyrical, musical, and casual genius of Humberside’s finest will re-shuffle the deck independent of one another.

I’m thrilled to have seen them in New York this fall – both at their surprise “Cake Shop” session with a long foreshadowing conversation afterwards, and their triumphant Irving Plaza gig the following night. From the first time I heard them and saw them in Philadelphia in 1989, to their awesome (and female-free) swing through California, and their amazing US close-out in 2006, they have always been as great in person as on every bleak but peppy chord of every album.

I appreciate the opportunity to dig thru the swag pile with Krusty Kev, have my balls (billiard) handed to me by Dave R., philosophize about the future of the Internet and the world with Sean, and listen to Paul’s “deep track” mix tapes. For a band found under every tannenbaum and in every cassette deck in the UK, I’ve always been touched by their unstinting humanity, which for me was the root of their excellence.

Thanks, guys (and Allison, Briana & long-lost Jacqui), and kickin’ horns for all the rewards. Thanks for busking your way into our hearts, building an unstoppable lyrical and musical partnership, and sharing yourself with us.

Think I’ll be a social drinker tonight.

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