Hull: Couch at the Grafton

This is Hull
Couch Show Must Go On
25 November 2004
By S. Bristow
Courtesy of Eddy

One of the Beautiful South’s preferred watering holes is staging a concert by one of the band’s favourite tribute acts – but at a price.

Hull band The Beautiful Couch will play at the Grafton Hotel in Grafton Street, Hull.

The performance was arranged weeks ago, but was thrown into doubt when it emerged the venue did not have a live music licence.

But in true showbiz fashion, new landlady Jeannie Cooper decided the show must go on and bought a one-off licence – to the tune of £430.

“I’ll probably lose money on the night, but I decided to go ahead with it because I had an agreement with the band and I want to get this place back on its feet,” Miss Cooper said.

“I put adverts out saying the Couch were coming, but then I got a nice letter from the council saying ‘no they’re not’.

“It turned out I didn’t have a licence.”

Couch lead singer Eddy Faulkner, of Gillshill Road, east Hull, said he was grateful for the lengths Miss Cooper had gone to.

“We’ve wanted to play at the Grafton since we formed two years ago,” he said.

“It’s a very nostalgic place for the South and their fans.”

Mr Faulkner said the South song Old Red Eyes Is Back was inspired by a regular at the Grafton known as “Swiller.”

The South’s predecessors The Housemartins said the Grafton was one of their favourite pubs and Paul Heaton, lead singer of both, is still an occasional visitor.

“Paul Heaton was in here the other night,” said Miss Cooper.

“I was telling him about what had happened about the Couch and he laughed. He thinks they’re good.”

Miss Cooper has applied for a full music licence and hopes to put bands on at the Grafton once a week.

Tickets for the event, on Friday, December 3 AND cost £5.50 are available from the pub.

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