This is Hull: Adelphi in Spotlight

Adelphi in Spotlight
23 October 2004
Courtesy of Gina Dipper

A Book documenting 20 years of struggle for a Hull music venue went on sale today.

The Adelphi Club in De Grey Street this month celebrates two decades of existence and 200 tributes have been collated in One Man And His Bog to mark the occasion.

The book has been produced by Adelphi stalwarts, writer Ian Smith and designer Chris Dimmack, to gather support for the club’s impending fight against a change in licensing laws that may threaten the venue.

With testimonials from the likes of Radiohead and Paul Heaton, of the Housemartins and Beautiful South fame, as well club regulars, it highlights the importance of the Adelphi on the local, national and international music scene.

Two CDs featuring 39 tracks of club favourites, including three previously unreleased demo tracks by the Housemartins, are included.

Mr Heaton’s entry emphasises the influence owner Paul Jackson had on his rise to fame.

Twenty years ago today, the Housemartins were an unknown group when they performed at the Adelphi. They later signed for Go! Discs on the same stage.

Mr Heaton writes: “In America, they walk and talk like their heroes. Other parts of the world name streets after their stars.

“Hull City Council should make the Adelphi a grade one listed building and erect a statue of Paul in Newland Avenue.”

Radiohead bassist Colin Greenwood lamented the fact his band could no longer take the stage at the tiny club.

Two-thousand copies of the book have been produced, funded by three Adelphi goers, who wish to remain anonymous.

The books producers say their arduous 14-week effort to create the document was driven by their love of the Adelphi.

Dr Smith said: “The Adelphi is my life. I estimate I have spent £60,000 in there over the years.

“I could have had a Ferrari but I’m sure it has been invested wisely.”

Mr Dimmack, who first visited the Adelphi in his teens, said tonight’s launch would be a coming together of the clans.

“The Adelphi has a place in a lot of hearts. It is one big family,” he said.

His thoughts are echoed by Mr Jackson in one of his book entries: “It’s a place where people enjoy themselves – a place where they are inspired by what they see and feel.”

One Man And His Bog – the title refers to the Adelphi’s place on the club circuit for unknown acts – is dedicated to Mr Jackson’s father Alan, who died in Hull of MRSA in June.

The book, priced at £15, will be on sale at the club, in HMV and by visiting

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